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what is MONKEY & SOFIA?

Welcome to an unusual and very special space, where at first what seems to be about well-made and original craft, is also as much describing a rather strange and singular way of life.

Monkey and Sofia were the names of two of our cats, who lived with us in a van while we travelled for nine long years, seeking a life closer to nature, one more simple.

It was a frustrating and stressful period, when often we felt everything was conspiring against us, but throughout it all the cats helped us stay steadfast.  Reminding us continually to exist only in the here and now, develop our style and energy, and always be true to ourselves.  And from that came the idea of making things, first as a way to cast anxiety and worry aside, then to celebrate our creativity.  The first thing we made was a cat, knitted obviously, and through that and the things which came next we met lots of lovely people, who in turn have helped us to keep sane and find what we were seeking.  Bringing us at long last to Andalucia in SW Spain.  And while the original Monkey and Sofia are sadly no more, Woolly and Plush our current companions, continue their inspiration.

Making toys has become a major part of what we do now, and it is through Monkey and Sofia we have a constant reminder of how and why they brought us here.

monkey and sofia lovely things in the house 01

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