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We live in splendid isolation here, high up on our hillside.  Vultures and eagles wheel effortlessly above, the wind blows through the pine trees, and down below smaller birds fly over the lower forest slopes.  It feels like living in a crows nest.

Each day here, we also celebrate how lucky we are, by aiming for the best in everything we do.

One of our special treats is to walk down to the Post Office.  Because if we’re really lucky there will be letters waiting there, or even packets, from friends and strangers too.  Filled not only with news from afar, but precious cuttings (of both the newspaper and plant kind), photos, and perhaps even some small treat, what we can’t get here, like chocolate or twiglets!

Spending our time keeping in touch, sharing, is really important.  It is the grease for the wheels of life.  Both to hear and enjoy the experiences of others, as well as to write.  And this has developed into something very special, a Monkey & Sofia network.  A group of people from all over the world, from all walks of life and ages, who like to keep in touch.  Why not join us too?

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  1. Dear Phil

    I read your piece in the CP magazine. We have never met, but I was so moved by your writing, I wanted to say hello, and I’m so very sorry, and although it may seem that there will be no end to your sorrow and that you are entirely alone, please believe that there is another story. Everything must pass. Please have faith, and look after yourself, as anyone who loved you would wish.

    And it’s such a beautiful site, and such a beautiful life. Don’t leave it yet.

    Jude xx

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