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July 23, 2013

monkey and sofia blog a making sense headermonkey and sofia blog a making sense

As usual it’s not until long after I’ve read something or spent ages juggling seemingly random thoughts in my head that some sort of understanding starts to dawn.  It’s no new phenomena for me, it’s been like this since Phil and I started out together years ago.  We were full of ideas, things we felt passionate about and ambitions for how we wanted to live as well as whole list of things we definitely didn’t want.  All these ideas and thoughts seemed such a jumble, it felt as if we never had a clear vision of where we were heading.  But now looking back everything fits together, everything we did clearly led to the next thing, all the experiences added up, like our working for various organisations, moving from one place to another and now being here shows such a clear path that I’m amazed we felt that we were groping our way forward, trying to get things to make sense.  But that’s the benefit of hindsight, everything makes sense looking back.  There is a Spanish saying which is something to do with looking back along the road you’ve travelled and being able to see what it was you were heading towards. That makes sense to me.

I wonder now, with this sudden revelation about things which feel right leading us on to other things, even if we don’t know what those things are.  Maybe now I’ve realised that the right path is somehow signposted in an obscure sort of way which is how we always make the right choices.  I don’t really know, but I do get the feeling that there’s something out there making sure we do the right thing, anyhow, now I have some feeling that these things happen, maybe I’ll be a bit more clued up about things when they occur and be able to see why they seem to make sense.

 Making sense for me can mean that some new experience I’ve had confirms something I’ve come to believe.  And it’s so satisfying when it happens.  I’m sure some sceptical folk would think that I’m clearly looking to justify my beliefs and rejecting those things which don’t fit although living here our scope is pretty narrow, but it is interesting how rich it is in content despite the narrowness.

So the thing I’ve realised recently, after reflecting on this bit of hillside and its trees and birds is that I have been missing something fundamental.  All this time I have been getting glimpses of how amazing it is to be here and haven’t understood that to really understand it I should be using my senses; my eyes my ears, the sense of smell and touch rather than trying to draw this natural world into my own human one where we tend to over depend on our brains to understand things.  Rhythm is as much part of this as anything else, as I’ve mentioned before.  City dwelling confuses our senses with its bright lights, noise and ceaseless activity.  Here, we are aware of things like night falling when we can actually see the sun setting and hear the birds flying home to roost which makes us aware that night time is for sleep, for us as well as the birds.  When else do our bodies get the chance to do their repair work if we don’t sleep for a good stretch?

As Woody Allen said in Annie Hall, ‘nothing worth knowing can be understood by the mind’ and I think he’s right.  We have all our other senses for a reason and that is to help us understand the real world.

Living here is about living inside nature, not looking at it from outside like a tourist views a place, but actually becoming a part of it all.  This is so obvious now, as everyone knows, hindsight is a wonderful thing!  Plainly, being here, being aware of the smells, the sounds, the heat, the cold, is drawing us into the world around us, the real world.

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