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– Yuletide greetings

December 24, 2012

monkey and sofia blog yuletide greetings header
monkey and sofia blog yuletide greetings
Happy seasonal greetings to everyone who has visited the Monkey & Sofia site over the last year, many, many thanks to you, it’s been lovely to feel that there is a connection between our life out here in the remoteness and other people, regardless of where their patch is in the world. It has meant a lot.
And now, after a busy time knitting and mailing out Monkey & Sofia goodies this last couple of months I am looking forward to getting back to my blog each month and sharing my ponderings with others. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Actually, you might be reading this without having visited the blog before, in which case you can easily catch up with previous postings by scrolling down. And after you have read those, can be kept updated automatically, simply by clicking the ‘follow me’ box on the right, in the sidebar, then each time I post something you will receive an email version.

Meantime, I hope you are going to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and that you will be looking forward to a particularly happy new year. We wish you all the very best, particularly for good health and a joyful spirit in 2013. Do continue to keep in touch and let us know your thoughts and ideas, or just how you’re getting on, we love to hear from you.

With love, Maureen xx

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